Feb 28, 2013

the.book.chat. {ONE YEAR!}

For today's book chat, I don't actually plan on participating exactly, but there is something I want to talk about...

My two year blog'iversary came and went last month.  I look back on this past couple years of blogging and I realize two major things.

ONE. I have made the most amazing friends. Everyone says that, right?  But I honestly believe that the book chat is a major part of that for me. I don't have people IRL who I can talk about books with (at least not the genres I like).   We don't all like the same books here and we may never meet in person, but I cherish these friendships immensely.

TWO. Blogging has given me the confidence and direction in my life that I needed.  I started this blog as a hobby.  I did crafts and took pictures of my kids.  At times, I thought I would quit because it didn't come naturally.  It took almost a whole year for me to discover an outlet that felt real to me.  That blogging about books could actually make my life better.  It may seem trivial to an outsider, but having somewhere to write about our passions and have someone else out there who reads it, enjoys it and writes back...To be involved in an industry, whether it be writing reviews, talking to authors and publishers or other reviewers, feeling like you're a part of it...It means the world to me.  Now, I know exactly what I want with this blog, and also with my life.  If that seems a bit extreme, it's because it is.  I don't know if that makes me a "book blogger" or what that even means, but I know that every Thursday I have a handful of other awesome bloggers who want to chat about books with me.  So what if I am tearing up a little bit right now.

I had a blast going through this past year's posts (38 book chat topics) and seeing that I'm not the only one who looks forward to Thursdays...

"I was so excited about today's Book Chat that I literally squealed, out loud, in my school's library"
-Elle of Wishin' Good Luck

"Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite blogging day of the week because that means it’s time to link up over at Sweet Green Tangerine and talk books!"
- Melissa of  Press Play

"I stumbled upon The Book Chat last week and I've been anxiously waiting for Thursday to come around again! Not only does it give me another excuse to talk about books, but I love reading through everyone's linked up posts to get some amazing book recommendations."

"Thursday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. And not because it's payday either.  Thursday is Book Chat day." 
-Brighton of Dear Brighton

I love reading stuff like this every Thursday.

So today, for the book chat prompt, if you'd like, just pick any topic over the last year.  It can be one you already answered and you want to answer again, or maybe one that you missed the chance to answer before.

Just for fun, I chose my favorite three topics from the year...
Favorite Dystopian Novel
Favorite Male Character
The Book Chat Photo Challenge

You can see all of the topics here.


Come book chat with us!

To join in...
1. Please follow the host
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4. Old posts are always welcome if you have blogged on the topic before.

Next weeks topic: Abandoning books

Feb 27, 2013

March Releases & The Book Chat

Hello friends.
Today, I just wanted to share some new book releases coming in March that I'm only a little excited about.

The Bane by Keary Taylor
Release Date: March 5, 2013
I read What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor and loved it.  I recently finished The Bane, and it didn't disappoint.
Review coming on March 6.

Just a little excited for this one.  It's whatever.  No big deal.
Requiem by Lauren Oliver
Release Date: March 5, 2013

Okay, who am I kidding? This is one of my most anticipated books of 2013.  It's been a year since the cliffhanger in Pandemonium left us shattered.  I can't wait to find out what happens to our heroine. Plus, I get to read another book with Melissa.  It's nice to have someone who's only a Twitter message away to cry to.

Another one of my most anticipated books of the year.
Lover At Last by J.R. Ward
Release Date: March 26, 2013

I am going to gobble you up.

The book, of course.

What new book releases are you anticipating in March?

Also, I'm sorry for not getting the button done, but in case you missed it...

A year? Crazy!
For tomorrows book chat, you can choose any topic from the last twelve months and link up.
Here are all of the prompts.

Also, for the first time, I am linking up with Breaking the Spine for the Waiting on Wednesday link-up party!  I hope to make a habit of it.

That's all for today.  I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Feb 26, 2013

Book Review: Bitterblue

Bitterblue, as you can see is the sequel to Graceling and the companion to Fire.  Remember that Blogger Book Swap we did in the fall?  Well, I chose to send my swap partner, Melissa of Press Play, Graceling because I was so sure she'd love it.  And she did! Whew.
It was then that we decided to read Bitterblue "together."
You can read Melissa's review of Graceling here.  Today she's posting her review for Bitterblue as well, so make sure to go check her post out as well.

So here's my review of Bitterblue...


Bitterblue is the daughter of King Leck, killed by Katsa in Book one.  This is Bitterblue's story of uncovering her father's mysteries while learning to govern a country that has been tormented by an evil king for decades.

First, I should premise by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed Graceling and I LOVED Fire.  But what I love about those other two books were not so much in Bitterblue.
In Graceling, I loved the dashing romance and overall kick-assery.
In Fire, I loved the mythical creatures and the war-packed action.
Graceling and Fire have bad-ass heroines who are taking names left and right.
Bitterblue occasionally sneaks out.
See what I mean?

I don't want it to sound like I didn't like Bitterblue. I did like it. I loved reading it, and I'm glad that characters from the other two novels were present throughout this novel too.  It was good to see them again.  They weren't just in it, but they were developing characters with their own story lines.

Bitterblue was just so long.  So much longer than I thought necessary.  The setting hardly ever changed, and I felt like the action was pretty stagnant.  There was a whole lot of character development, mystery solving, inner monologue stuff going on.  I would have been happy with more action and more romance. It was a great novel on it's own, but by Cashore's standards, it's just didn't stack up.

What saved this novel for me was the writing.  Once again, Cashore has proven that she is an extremely talented storyteller.  Her character development is outstanding.  You can tell this is someone who takes her work very seriously and works to create multi-dimensional, realistic, interesting characters.  I love the ideas of Gracelings, so it was, again, very enjoyable to read about them.

I hope that Cashore continues to write novels set in the Seven Kindgoms (come on, Leinid).  I hope she continues to write brave, strong female characters.  I hope there are fantasy-driven action sequences and fairy-tale romances.  I hope there are monsters.

3 out of 5 stars

Feb 25, 2013

Oscars Party Recap

Did you watch the Oscars last night?

Let me tell you, we had so much fun.  At my IRL party and our little Twitter party.  I was happy with almost all of the winners, the dresses were gorgeous, and I thought Seth Macfarlane did a fantastic job.  We laughed our butts off.  And we needed to, because we ate SO much good food.

Here are some shots of our evening...

Where there is good food and chilled wine, you will find the three of us.  I love that this is our second year watching the Oscars together, and I wish we could do it again next year, but the Army is cruel.  Anyway, look at that plate! Caprese salad, shrimp cocktail, avocado-stuffed pastry, brie stuffed mushrooms and something call the "ex-girlfriend sandwich".  (long story)  I was stuffed and tipsy the whole night through. Mary even printed off a ballot we could all mark our predictions on.  Fun, fun, fun night!
Thanks for not bringing up my weird face.

And then there was the party on Twitter.  My friends were nice enough to put up with my nose in my phone all night.  I will never watch an awards show without Twitter again.  Thank you to everyone who joined in the #sgtOscarsParty.  Here are a few of my favorite tweets of the night...

Gotta love that Megan joined us after her morning gym routine in KOREA!

Jen from That's What She Read...hilarious.

And Jen's Mom...this was my favorite...

Oh and this one had us ROLLING

As for the show, I didn't do too bad on my predictions.  My favorite winners of the night were definitely Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Lawrence.  To be honest, I predicted Jessica Chastain, but I was ecstatic when JLaw won.  I feel like she took a hit to her serious acting career when she took on the Katniss role, so as a HUGE fan of her work and The Hunger Games, I'm grateful and glad she won.
I was disappointed that Beasts of the Southern Wild didn't take anything home.  They don't need awards though...they rocked the Indie Film fests.
I was bummed that Hugh Jackman didn't beat Daniel Day-Lewis.  I'd like a rematch, and this time DDL has to sing live the entire time.
Okay, I admit, he could probably still pull it off.
But I do want to talk him out of that little boy haircut from now on.

And since we're talking about hair and fashion...I'm no expert, but for my money here are my picks of best and worst dressed...

I think the Best Dressed was unanimous...

The photo doesn't show the necklace well, but I loved that simple touch.  The color was gorgeous and the unique, bold skirt was breathtaking.

My personal favorite
Fierce and gorgeous. RAWR.

And the worst...
I hate to say it, but this dress...shake my head. What was she thinking?  And the flowery necklace was a little juvenile. I couldn't stand any of this look at all.  It didn't take long for #AnneHathawaysNipples to trend on Twitter.

Now, on to the last piece of business.  I promised before that one of the SGT Oscars Party participants would win some cash to Fandango...and that winner is....

Elle from Wishin' Good Luck!!

Congrats to Elle!  Go check your email. :)

Thank you to everyone for participating!

Feb 22, 2013

Oscar Picks and Predictions (with Link-up!)

{{Insert Billy Crystal'esque song and dance routine here}}

It's Oscars weekend!  I love the Oscars. I have been watching since I was a little kid, every year brushing up on my acceptance speech, just in case.  This year, I decided to bring that excitement to the blog.  As most of you know, I made a resolution to see each nominated film before the awards show.  It was the first year I have ever done this, but I think I'll try to do it again in the years to come.  I finished them all, save for one, the foreign film, Amour.  It was only in select cities and none of them are in southern Alabama.  I really want to see it too. I love foreign films, especially ones in French.  This movie received rave reviews, but in my opinion, if it's nominated for Best Foreign Film, how fair is it really to also nominate it for Best Film?  I think it's pretty obvious that it will win Best Foreign Film though...how funny would that be if it didn't.

Anyway, today I want to share my picks and predictions.

Without further ado...

The asterisks are my predictions, what I think the Academy will select.

For the record, I didn't see The Master or The Sessions, and those are both great actresses, but I have to say Anne Hathaway (as annoying as I think she is) moved me more in a four and a half minute song than I thought possible.  However, I wouldn't mind seeing Jacki Weaver take it with her performance in SLP. "I'm making crabby snacks and homemades!"  Loved her.  

No doubt in my mind, Christoph Waltz is taking this one.  I enjoyed every line he spoke and every second he was on screen in Django Unchained.  He was funny, moving and original.  Can I give his accent an award? 

I predict Jessica Chastain will win this one because Zero Dark Thirty has to win something, and she carried that movie.  However, I want Jennifer Lawrence to win this one because I think it would mean something astounding for her.  I want her to remain that artistic, well-respected actress even though she's in a pop culture hit (THG).  I don't want to see her throw away her talent to be rom-coms and action flicks.

Have you seen Les Mis?  What Hugh Jackman did in that movie was super human.  I have a feeling DDL will win this one, and I won't lie...I"ll be disappointed.  He did a great impression of Lincoln, but he just didn't move me like Jackman did.

I almost didn't make a prediction for Best Director because I still don't understand what a director does.  If there are categories for music, writing, acting, editing, mixing and special effects...then what is left for the director do?  I guess it's his vision, right?  I'm no expert, but I'd be happy to see any of these win...except Spielberg.  Yes, he's brilliant, but I did not see anything original in Lincoln.  BotSW was ENTIRELY original and something about the movie...the way the story was told was incredible.  But for what it's worth, Life of Pi was incredible too.

And last but not least....
I'd be happy to see Argo win it.  And up until two nights ago, that would have been my pick.  Then, I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild. That was, by far, the best movie I've seen all year.  
Argo was brilliant too, though.  And I think that is a film the public can get behind.  It was important, relevant and well made.  It flew a little under the radar in the box office, but I'm so glad I saw it.  It was intense.
I'd be pretty furious if Lincoln won.

A couple more predictions...
Best Animated Film - Brave (loved it!)
Best Animated Short - Paperman (breathtaking!)
Best Original Song - Skyfall by Adele (duh)
Best Original Screenplay - Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained

What I do have to say about these films is...what a variety!  To see a Quentin Tarantino film with a Spielberg film and a foreign film and an indie film and a rom-com and a war film and a musical!  This was a great group of movies to watch, and it's always good to see the smaller budget flicks get honored too.
These were all so good!  It's hard to judge how one is better than the other when they're all so different!
I cannot wait to see who wins!

I would love to hear your picks and predictions.  Even if you didn't see them all.  Out of the ones you did see, who do you think will win?  As you can see, I only predicted in the categories I could judge.  What do I know about film editing or sound mixing?  If you want to choose in those categories, please do!  See all of the nominees here. 

Here's your chance to win!
If you link up today, you will be entered to win $15 to Fandango!  (Yeah I bumped up the prize a bit)  You can link up anytime this weekend before the show on Sunday night.  During the show, you can enter to win by tweeting along with me using the hashtag #sgtOscarsParty.  Share a photo of yourself and your viewing crew or tweet your reactions to the show. 

Just know that I'm on CST meaning I might be an hour ahead of others.  There could be spoilers if you're on the west coast.
In order to win, please be a follower of my blog via GFC or Twitter. Thanks.

Link up your picks & predictions here:

Beasts of the Southern Wild v. Lincoln

I thought all of the movies nominated this year were great, but there was one that really stood out to me.
I watched this movie this week (it's out on video or digital rental). For the record, I'm a big fan of arthouse, indie films, if that makes a difference. The story is about a young girl, Hushpuppy and her father who live in the bayou south of the levy in Louisiana. If you think you know what it's going to be like based on that synopsis, you don't. It completely took me by surprise. It was beautifully told and acted. (Dwight Henry should have been nominated for acting, and I would love to see the little girl win) Half the time, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Now I'm going to pick on this movie. I saw this recently as well, and I couldn't help but compare them, which I realize is apples and oranges, but bear with me.
Look, they did a fine job of recreating an important era in American history. Daniel Day-Lewis did a great job of recreating Abraham Lincoln. Sally Fields was...in it. There were a lot of things that bothered me. The long, cheesy, scripted speeches, the fake southern accents, the overacting, the overabundance of actors and confusing political jargon, the fact that they started the film in the middle of the era making it very confusing to keep up. But to be fair, I'm not a fan of these kinds of movies to begin with. The movies with the big budgets, for big actors and big directors about big wars and big presidents. Honestly, I'm not impressed. Dare I say, it's a bit pretentious.
Here's the difference I see between the two.
BotSW took the little funds they had and told a small story in a BIG way. Everything they did in this film was original. They stretched the boundaries of filmmaking and created something entirely fresh and unique. Maybe it's just me, but I appreciate that kind of ingenuity.
What I'm afraid of is that the Academy is made up of a bunch of boring, old men who still think Spielberg sets the sun up in the sky every morning and they will bow down on their knees for another epic film of his.

I'm sorry if I sound too harsh. I do like the stuff that Spielberg has done in the past, and I respect that he is a very talented director, but I'm just saying we need to move forward and make room for something new!
As I said, I was originally biased to like the indie film more, so it's no surprise that I liked Beasts of the Southern Wild more.
Do you agree? Did you see either of these films and how did you feel about them?
Don't forget to come back after noon today and link up your picks and predictions to join the party and be entered to win Fandango cash!

Feb 21, 2013

the.book.chat. {Books & movies}

It's all about movies this week!  Since the Oscars are on Sunday, and I'm throwing a killer virtual Oscars Party, when Melissa suggested this for the book chat topic, I knew we just had to do it this week.

As for our awesome co-host this week...what can I say about Melissa?  She's the first and best blog friend I've made and geography is cruel to us.  But really, she has an awesome blog about music and traveling and life goals.  Oh and she's the Editor-in-Chief of a music magazine in Montreal...doesn't get much cooler than that.  Her music and book recommendations are always spot on.

Plus, I think you guys should really check out this new blog series that she's doing.  It's awesome.
Go see for yourself!

Okay, for today's book chat, we asked...what books would you like to see as movies? 

If you know me, then you know how I feel about pop culture devouring my favorite novels...you can read more about that here.

But for today's post...I'll put those biases aside and play along, because part of me would be totally content with Hollywood never touching another one of my favorite books again...but then again, these books would look pretty cool on screen.

So, I had some fun with this.  I had a professor who would always ask us to cast the book we were reading during our little free-writes.  It supposedly helped us grasp the character more, but I think she did it because it was just fun.  So that's what I did today.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Let's put the damsel-in-distress days behind us, because this heroine kicks ace!
Katsa - Teresa Palmer (a prettier, less awkward, better acting KStew)
Po - Alex Pettyfer (swoooooon)

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clark
I have a feeling I would watch this one over and over...
Cat - Olivia Thirlby - (Seriously, she's gorgeous.)
Finn - Daniel Radcliffe (Sorry Potterheads...but I imagined him as soon as I read skinny, tall man with black hair and a boyish face.  It got slightly awkward with all the sex. ahem.)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgestern
I would actually love to see this one come to life...and I predict that it will.  Please do it justice. Please.
This one was SO hard to cast.  There is NO replacing the Celia and Marco in my head. No one comes close, but these two will do.  
Celia - Keira Knightley (my fave)
Marco - Andrew Garfield (adorableness)

Okay that was fun, but seriously, here are the books that I prefer to never be touched by the hands of Hollywood...
The Fault in our Stars
The Book Thief
and for all that is holy...Fifty Shades of Grey...
Okay fine, I couldn't help myself...
Matt Bomer & Lucy Hale...
Yeah he's a little too old and she's a little too Disney, but don't they just look the part?!  But really, Hollywood, don't do it.

Okay, okay...I admit I spent too much time coming up with these.  It's hard to put a real face to a fictional character.  So what do you think?  Who did you imagine for these roles?

And what books would you like to see as movies?  Feel free to share a dream cast too :)

Stop watching Downton Abbey and come book chat with us!

To join in...
1. Please follow the host and co-host 
2. Visit a few other book chat links and show some support.
3. Link back here in your post.  Or use the button provided.
4. Old posts are always welcome if you have blogged on the topic before.

Next week is the ONE YEAR book chat birthday!!  To link up, choose any topic over the past year.  It can be one you missed or maybe you'd like to change your answer.  

And don't forget to come back tomorrow and share your Academy Award predictions and join in the Oscars party!

Feb 19, 2013

More Oscar Movie reviews...

First...did you see I'm hosting a virtual Oscars party?  To see how you can join, click the shiny gold button on my sidebar.

Well, I've recently crossed 3 more Oscar movies off of my list. I haven't had the chance to do full reviews before Sunday, so let me say a little bit about each of these...

Django Unchained
My friend, Mary called me one day and invited me to see this.  We chose to go to the drive-in and that was a very smart choice.  There were times that we chickened out and turned the sound off because the violence was too much.  Let me start by saying this...I appreciate Tarantino for the director and artist that he is.  You either love him or hate it.  Django Unchained was this history of plantation slavery...as seen through Quentin Tarantino's eyes.  It wasn't historically accurate, but who cares.  It was unpredictable, funny, and action-packed.  The usual.  And like most other Q.T. films, I enjoyed the first half more than the second.  As for acting, I have no doubt, that Supporting Actor Cristoph Waltz should receive the Oscar hands-down.  He was phenomenal.

Silver Linings Playbook
To be honest, when this preview first came out, I thought two things. 1. Typical rom-com. I'll wait until it's on Netflix and 2. Isn't Bradley Cooper too old for Katniss, I mean Jennifer Lawrence?  But then, I remembered...Jennifer Lawrence got her start in indie films.  In fact, she almost turned down HG because she wanted to stick to indie films and be a serious actress (and she's 22).  Then, I heard rave review after rave review for SLP, so I chose to finally go and see it.  And here's what I think.  Silver Linings Playbook is the cure for the typical rom-com.  You think it's a typical story of crazy boy meets crazy girl, but as you're watching it, cringing and fighting goosebumps, you realize, it is so much more.  You know what it is? It's Good Will Hunting of the next gen.  Every piece of acting in this movie was magnificent.  My personal favorite was the mother, Jacki Weaver.  She's got her work cut out for her against Anne Hathaway, but I'm pulling for her.  Also, Bradley Cooper has some stiff competition with Hugh Jackman and DDL, but I think he did a great job in this movie.  I hope to see him in more serious roles.  And Jennifer Lawrence reminds us that she is indeed a serious actress, and I would love to see her take home the little gold man.

Life of Pi
I had a free night so I went to see Life of Pi.  I don't know what i expected since I had never read the book, and aside from the picture of a man in a canoe with a tiger, I had no clue what it was about.  Here's what I think.  The story is amazing.  The impression and intention of the story, mainly one of faith and belief, hail from the novel and I don't know if they have the same effect in a film, BUT I will say that visually, this movie was out of this world.  Here, let me just throw a bunch of adjectives at you...exhilarating, intense, profound, gorgeous, magical, captivating, magnificent, spectacular, epic.  On a personal level, this film touched me in a way that I didn't expect.  It's one of those stories that will keep you reeling.  I'm so, so glad that I saw it.  Go see it.  I really believe Ang Lee should win for Best Director.  I cannot even begin to wrap my head around how he made this movie real.  It was crazy.

I only have 5 days to see the remaining four, but I have plans to finish them this week! (Except for the foreign film, Amour.  No clue where to find that one.)

Feb 18, 2013

Come join the Oscar Party!!

I am so excited about the Oscars this weekend.  I've planned a little get-together with my friends here in Alabama complete with wine and fancy food.  I want to include all of you, my blog friends, in the fun too!

So, I'm hosting a virtual Oscars party!

Here's the deal.

On Friday, I will be posting my picks & predictions.  I want to see your predictions too.  So anytime between Friday and Sunday night, post your predictions too and link up here with me.  Don't worry if you haven't seen them all, just make a guess or tell us about the movies that you did see.  Heck, if you read one of the books, tell us about that!  (Since most of them were books first)

Then on Sunday, sit down with your closest friends or family (or go solo!) and watch the show!  Show me pics of your screening party and tweet your reactions using the hashtag #sgtOscarsParty and I'll live tweet with you!

Because I'm so excited about the awards and this party, I'm giving away one $10 gift certificate to Fandango!  Join the party by linking up or using that hashtag and you're entered to win!
(I also ask that you please follow me via Twitter or Google too, please)

I hope you join.  I think this will be a lot of fun!

The show airs on Sunday Feb 24
on ABC
at 7pm EST

Feb 17, 2013

Book Review: Warm Bodies

I had no idea this was a book when I first saw the movie preview, but the preview stuck with me for a while.  As soon as I saw that the book was up for review on NetGalley, I requested it immediately.

The basics:  R is a zombie who can't remember anything of his former life.  He's bored with his undead "life" until everything changes on the day he meets Julie.  Finally, R finds something worth living for.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.  This can't be serious, right.  That's what I thought too, but this book really got to me.  It has everything: humor, romance, deeper meaning, violence and adventure.  I love R's inner monologue, and he quickly became one of my favorite male narrators.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces for you...

 "Sometimes I wonder if he has a philosophy. Maybe even a world view. I'd like to sit down with him and pick his brain, just a tiny bite somewhere in the frontal lobe to get a taste of his thoughts."

"A fresh canvas is unfurling in front of us. What do we paint on it? What's the first hue to splash on this blank field of gray?"

"We view ourselves the same way we view the Living: as meat. Nameless, faceless, disposable. But Julie's right. I have thoughts. I have some kind of a soul, shriveled and impotent as it may be. So maybe the others do, too. Maybe there's something there worth salvaging."

I love the complexity of R's simple character.  You can actually watch him evolve throughout the story.  It's a great hero story, a great post-apocolyptic story, and most of all, a great love story. 

Read it.

Find it here:
Goodreads // Amazon // Barnes & Noble

Feb 14, 2013

He Said/She Said - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, again!  Two posts in one day!!

I hope you are all being smothered with love today whether it be from your significant other, your kids, parents or friends.  It's funny because Jeremy and I have been so busy with school and the move that we didn't even realize Valentine's Day was today.  We're not big on romance stuff anyway, but maybe we'll get some time to curl up together on the couch later and watch some Walking Dead (how romantic).

My friend, Becky, shared this with me and I couldn't resist.  It's a great link up idea.  We both answer the survey and compare answers.  I liked the idea of answering my questions about him...I guess we did it a little differently.
Anyway...then we link up here.

Here's how we did...

How long have you been married? 
Both: 9 years

Where was your first date? 
He said: The movies?
She said: The mall? We were teenagers.

Where was your first kiss? 
He said: Jeff's house
She said: Friend's house

Who first said, "I love you"? 
He said: I think she did.
She said: I think he did.
(In our defense, we basically said it at the same time)

What were your wedding colors? 
He said: Red and white 
She: Red and silver
(I guess he was just too focused on me in my white dress)

What is his/her most commonly used phrase?  
He said: (He really could not think of one which tells me A: he doesn't really listen to me or B: nothing I say bugs him)
She said: I don't know but sometimes he says "acrosst" and it drives me nuts!  And he likes to use the F word like it belongs in front of every word.  "We got in the f---ing helicopter and put on our f---ing helmets and flew in the f---ing sky."  No joke.

Who is his/her celebrity crush?  
He said: Ewan McGregor  (mmhhmm...)
She said: any blond anchorwomen

If he/she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?  
He said: a beer
She said: a beer
(high five)

What is the best meal he/she has ever cooked you?  
He said: carne asada
She said: hahahaha....

What is the worst meal he/she has ever cooked you? 
He said: One of those vegetarian things (never have I made him eat any of my weird vegetarian things)
She said: still laughing...

What is the most-played song on her iPod?  
He said: (He couldn't name ONE band.  Monkey something, obscenity, obscenity, Harvey and the Wallbangers??  (who??) He claims because we have SUCH different music tastes that he can't remember ONE band that I like. sheesh. Shake my head)
She said: Something scary and loud. Okay...guess I can't name anything he likes either.  He is forgiven.

What would he/she say is your most annoying habit? 
He said: She hates my gross snorty thing (it's disgusting)
She said: He hates when I leave my wet towel on the bed.

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?  
He said: Read 
She said: Watch TV or read

If you could throw out one item of her/her clothing what would it be? 
He said: Her boots (I had no clue)
She said: His tennis shoes that he sometimes wears with his jeans. cardinal sin!

What would you say is your favorite thing about him/her? 
He said: Her heart and passion about things (awwww!)
She said: His sense of humor and dependability 

What's his/her go-to drink at Starbucks?  
He said: Pumpkin Spice Latte, if they have it. (smart man)
She said: Black coffee

What's her blog's name?!  
He said: Sweet Green Tangerine (he seemed a little offended by this question)

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Happy Valentine's Day!