Sep 28, 2012

Jonathan's Birth Story

Today, my boy turns 7.  There's something about watching my kids grow that blows my mind.  They are constantly changing.  One day you wake up, and the baby has been replaced with a toddler.  Next, the toddler is gone and you have a little boy.  Now, I have a kid.  A seven year old kid.  It's just insane. I miss the baby all the time, but I know one day I'm going to have a grown man for a son, and I will miss this kid.  It's hard to soak them up because the time with them at any age is so fleeting.

I love watching him grow into an individual of his own, making his own friends, learning his own skills and taking his own responsibility.  He's doing things now that the baby he used to be could never do and as a mom, I am so proud.
I just love this kid so much.

So, this is the birth story I wrote up seven years ago right after he was born.  Believe it or not, I actually had a blog back then, but it was just a baby blog that only my family and friends could see.  I like reading it because it actually shows how far even I have come since then.  Jonathan made me a new person and we changed so much together.

Written October 2005
Wednesday morning at about 4:30am I woke up to some annoying back cramps that lasted for about 15 seconds and would show up every 5 or 6 minutes.  After about 3 contractions, I realized that I could possibly be in labor.  I waited until about 5:30 to alert Jeremy.  I think he was in denial at first.  I kept assuring him that even if it was labor, we probably wouldn't need to go to the hospital until that afternoon, so he decided to go to work for the morning, but he promised to rush home if I called him. After he left, I woke up my mom, who was visiting and very excited at this news.  We sat around the house all day watching TV while my contractions came and went like clockwork.  At this point, they weren't too painful so I was still in a pretty good mood.  At about noon, the contractions were consistently 1 minute long and 3-4 minutes apart, so I called Jeremy and he came home.
Then, the contractions stopped.
They just stopped.
I was devastated.
I was already six days past my due date and too anxious to have the baby to let them just go away so I decided to do some power walking around my neighborhood to kick start them back up.
It worked!
At 3:00pm, we headed to the hospital.  The three of us were still in such good spirits, laughing and joking all the way to the hospital.  The contractions were still bearable, but getting worse by the hour.  The hospital fed me dinner (it was Germany) which was not easy to eat because at every contraction I had to hang my arms around Jeremy to ease the pain.  I had to be confined to a bed for monitoring, which was unbearable.  I was anxious to get into my delivery room where I would be able to get into the birthing tub and take a relaxing bath.  Before we got into our room, the nurse gave me a very mild medication, which I never even felt.  It was the only medicine I could get if I wanted to have a water birth.
At about 7:00pm, finally, I could get into the tub.  It made me feel so much better, but I still had to grit my teeth through the contractions as they started to get pretty intense.  After about 30 minutes in the tub, I had to go back to the bed for more damn monitoring, which I hated.  This is the point when I almost caved.  The nurse came in and asked me one last time if I wanted the next step of medication.  It was a very hard decision to make, but I knew at that moment that if I did take the drugs, I would really regret not being able to do the water birth I really wanted.  So, I bit the bullet and got back in the tub, with no drugs.  I was terrified that I still had hours of pain left to bear, but when they checked me again, she gave me the best news I could have heard...I was dilated to 9.5 centimeters! I could start pushing soon!  I think I started sobbing with happiness at that point.  Jeremy and my mom were both at my sides, holding my hands and coaching me through the pain. At exactly 10:00pm, the doctor broke my water and I started pushing.  Although the pushing was a lot of work, it distracted me from the pain of the contractions.  Between each contraction, I rolled my head back and slept for about a minute at a time.  I didn't even know that was possible.
After about an hour of pushing, at 11:05pm, Jonathan was born and floating in the water for a moment. I looked down and saw the most beautiful face looking back at me.  The midwife said "pick him up" and I reached into the water and brought my son into the world.  He sat so peacefully in my arms while we all cried with joy. The only one not crying was Jonathan.  He coughed a few times and made sweet little noises, but only cried after they took him from my arms.  They put him on the scale and measured him: 8lbs, 6oz, and 20in long!
The whole experience was so amazing and even though there were some very hard points, I think it all happened so perfectly, exactly the way it was meant to.  If I could it all again, I wouldn't change a thing.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  You are so much like me it's ridiculous, and the bond we share is the one thing in this world I treasure most.  Dad and I are so proud of you and who you are becoming.  You rock, buddy. Keep it up.
We love you!!


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Sep 27, 2012

{} Film Adaptations

If you know me, then you know that I'm not always the biggest fan of book-to-film adaptations.
You can read my rant about that here.  

However, the idea for this week's topic came from some of the amazing new book inspired movies coming out this next year.  Seriously, some epic ones in here.  Since you know I don't see movies without reading the books first, I have some hardcore reading to do this year.  These all look so incredible.

The Great Gatsby
Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Film directed by Baz Luhrmann
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire
Expected Release: May 10, 2013 (contrary to what the poster says)

Probably the one I'm most excited about seeing and not because of the book, but because of the director, Baz Luhrmann (Romeo & Juliet/Moulin Rouge).  I have tried at least four times to read this book, but I really cannot break through some barrier and get into it.  I absolutely will by next May though, because I have to see this.

The Hobbit
Novel by J.R.R. Tolkien
Film directed by Peter Jackson
Starring Martin Freeman and Ian McKellan
Expected Release: December 14, 2012

I promised myself that I would read The Hobbit before the movie came out.  Jeremy just read it and he really liked it, so I'm hoping I'll like it too.  No one can deny the mind-blowing'ness of the LotR series, so this film has some big shoes to fill.  I don't doubt it's ability to fill them.

Anna Karenina
Novel by Leo Tolstoy
Film directed by Joe Wright
Starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law
Expected Release: November 2012

I'm currently reading Anna Karenina in preparation of this movie and it's not a bad read at all.  Too bad it's like a million pages long.  I just love Keira Knightly too much to miss this movie.  She is God's gift to period pieces.

Les Miserables
Novel by Victor Hugo
Film directed by Tom Hooper
Starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Russel Crowe (seriously, who isn't in this movie?)
Expected Release: Christmas 2012

Oh dear, this poster.  What is most exciting is this one will actually be the musical, unlike the one from the 90's that you had to watch in English class.  (It had Liam Neeson, so who's complaining?)  Well, this one has Hugh Jackman, so we're all winners in my book.
Honestly, I'm not going to read this one. I was enough of a theatre aficionado in my younger days, so I've seen enough stage versions and read the script enough to know what it's all about.  I'm just going to go see it, probably alone, embarrassing myself among unsuspecting Alabamians while I belt out "On my Own".  Who's with me?

On the Road
Novel by Jack Kerouac
Film directed by Walter Salles
Starring Viggo Mortenson, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Kiersten Dunst
Expected Release: December 2012

I think I can probably get over the fact that I have to stare at KStew for another two hours because this movie actually looks pretty awesome.  I'm excited to see this book and it's message recycled for the next generation.  I have yet to read it, but I feel like I'll just be an overall cooler person after I do.  Better get on that.

As for the book-to-movie adaptations that I already love, these are my top 3.

I loved this book more than I thought I would, but I knew I would love this movie as soon as I heard Tom Hanks would be Robert Langdon and Audrey Tautou would be Sophie.  I felt like it was an honest and true representation.  In fact, this is one time I will admit that I enjoyed the movie more than the book.  For the record, I like the book Angels & Demons more than the movie.

I did like the book, but not a whole heck of a lot.  I love the story, I love the speech and I love the characters.  This director took all of that and ran with it.  The product was something, I think, more exquisite and breathtaking than the book ever dreamed of being.  Seriously, I watch this movie a lot, and every time, I'm siting with my face in my hands looking like a love-stricken idiot.  Be still my heart...the same director is directing Anna Karenina.  I cannot wait.

If you read that little rant about movies made out of popular books, then you may be surprised to see this take the #1 spot, but let me tell you.  After I finally saw this, and I've seen it at least 4 times now, I think it is such an excellent adaptation of the book.  Everything looks and FEELS right.  And that's important.  You can find people to look the part, and copy line-for-line, but you really have to capture the feeling of the book.  This movie did this perfectly, I think.  I'm sad to see the same director is not returning for the next book, but I still have hope for the next installment.

These are my favorites of just the ones that I have read.  There are other great movies out there that I love, in which I did not read the book first, such as The Lord of the Rings.

So, there is my two cents on a pretty big topic.
What are your favorite book-movies?
Which of these new releases are you most excited about?

If you choose to blog on this topic (or already have) link up with us!
Please just link back up to this page if you do.  You may use this button if you wish.


Next week's topic is inspired by Banned Book Week.  The topic is banned books and censorship.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, rants, questions. If you get involved with your local library or have an experience with this, please share!


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Sep 26, 2012

Sponsor. Swap.

Hello friends.  Happy Wednesday.
Big things are happening here at Sweet Green Tangerine.  I'm pretty excited to be working on some new projects, taking the blog in an exciting new direction, and finding my way in this blogosphere we call home.

What I'm saying is that I would love to work with you.

I'm still looking for a few good bloggers to snag up one of those sponsor spots you see to the right. They are still free given that a fair swap is taking place.  They are still currently one size: 200x200.

If you are interested in getting one of these spots, please click here and use the promo code SWEETSWAP.

I'm also looking for some guest bloggers to spotlight on the blog.  If you have a book or music related post idea you'd like to share on this space, please email me and I'd love to work with you.  I'm trying to narrow down the content to those two topics, but it can stretch, of course.  A fancy outfit post with a fun playlist attached is definitely an option.

Some other guest post ideas:
Book/Album review
Create a playlist
What you're currently listening to/reading
Music Swap - I give you an album, you give me an album, we review and guest post swap.
The possibilities are endless...

If you are interested, please email me.
Can't wait!

One last thing...
Tomorrow is Book Chat day and the topic is Film Adaptations.  You can share your top 10 favorite book-to-film adaptations or tell us which ones you are most excited about.  There are a BUNCH coming out soon.  Or whatever you want. Hope you can link up with us!

Sep 24, 2012

Fall Favorites with Playlist

I love fall.
The colors. The weather. The inspiration.

Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody is celebrating fall with a week of Fall Fashion.  So I figured I would share some of my Autumn love.

I personally adore this nature/animal obsession happing right now.  I want it all.

Autumn Lovely

To go along with all of these Autumn pretties, I created a deliciously earthy Fall playlist.


Sep 23, 2012

Jonathan's Star Wars Party

On Saturday we celebrated Jonathan's 7th birthday with a special Star Wars themed party.  I love throwing themed parties.  {See his Dinosaur Party here}  I love creating games, decorations and finding inspiration online.


I kept it simple this year.  I used a black table cloth and silver stars to create a galaxy look.  I purchased silver balloons, plates, cups and napkins and a Star Wars banner.  We also used a Darth Vader halloween bucket for the forks.
Total cost: $10  (I already had the halloween bucket)

One of my favorite parts of party planning...creating the food tags.  So cheesy, but so fun.  Most of these I came up with myself (with the help of my hubby to explain what a Padawan was), but I also found a few online.
We had:  Vader Veggies, Sith Spinach Dip, Padawan Pizza Bites, Chips & Droid Dip, Jar Jar Drinks, Jedi Juice, and Boba Fruit.

The best part was explaining this concept to Jonathan and him laughing...then saying, "I don't get it".  :)

I used these fonts to create the tags and printed them on cardstock.  Totally free.

Whenever you invite 13 children into your home, you better have some activities to keep them occupied or you will have a mutiny on your hands.  

First up, Pin the Light Saber on Yoda.
I followed this tutorial on printing an enlarged picture.  I googled a picture of Yoda that would work best and used Microsoft Paint to erase the lightsaber out of his hands.  I printed it out & glued it onto a poster board. Then, I cut out strips of neon paper to be the "light sabers".  
Total cost: $2
Prep time: 1 hour 

We played a little carnival style Can Toss with these cans that I painted.  I just collected 10 cans, spray painted them white and drew on Storm Trooper faces.  
We stacked them up and used 3 tennis balls to knock them down.  
I wanted the tennis balls to be black, like asteroids, but it just didn't go down that way.  Oh well, the kids didn't mind.
Overall price for this was $0 since I had everything on hand.
Prep time: 2 hours (mostly spent waiting for the paint to dry.

The Piñata. Oh, the piñata.  I scoured this town trying to find a piñata I was happy with.  I originally planned on getting a soccer piñata and painting it black to look like the Death Star.  Well, the only one I could find was a pumpkin that cost $20 and that just seemed outrageous for something the kids would immediately destroy.  So I decided to make the piñata.  Ha. Ha.

Really, it wasn't hard, just very, very time consuming.  You have to do multiple layers to make it strong enough, and it takes over 12 hours to dry each layer.  I was standing in my bathroom Friday night with the blow dryer trying to get this damn thing done.  It dried enough by Saturday morning so I painted it and attempted to make it look like the Death Star with some silver duct tape.  It did not look at all like the Death Star so we just called it a space ship.  My husband helped me figure out a way to hang it with a Ritz Bitz box and some yarn.  It received two good wacks before the yarn broke and it fell to the ground.  Then we let the kids beat it open on the ground which looked more like a gang initiation than a birthday party.  In the end, I'm glad I made it.  It was fun and good for a laugh.  It probably would have stood up longer if we hadn't chosen to use yarn to hang it.
Total cost: $5 for the candy
Prep time: 3 days

If you notice, I used wrapping paper and silver duct tape to make the broom stick look like a light saber.  It was a nice touch.

 Not pictured: Hot Asteroid (Hot Potato)  We pretended a silver balloon was an asteroid and I used the Star Wars theme music to play some Hot Potato.  The kids really loved this game and it was easy to set up and play.  And free, of course.


This was the only picture I got of the cupcakes.
But really, you're not missing much.  I chose to save about $30 and make cupcakes myself.  I put them in silver cupcake liners and used NEON food color to make them resemble light sabers.
Total cost: $8.00 including NEON food coloring and liners

These little bags can be found at Walmart or Michaels, and I think they're 3 for a dollar.  I used a silver Sharpie to write on them.  I filled them with Star Wars themed party blowers, silly straws, glow sticks, candy and mini slinkies.
Total cost: $15
Prep Time: 1 hour

All in all, I think the party was a success.  I've seen many, many elaborate Star Wars parties online (thanks Pinterest), but I think ours was fun and creative without being over the top.  The kids had fun which is probably all that matters.  Well, that and hearing my son say "Awesome party, Mom!" If that's not worth being up to my ears in paper mache, I don't know what is.

Linking up: Monday Mom Musing at Jellibean Journals

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