Aug 10, 2012

If you really knew me...

I keep seeing these posts everywhere, and I love them.  So here is my version.

If you really knew me, you would know...

- Audrey Hepburn is my idol and has been ever since I was a little girl.  I think she is the most beautiful woman to grace this world.  I want to be exactly like her.

- I was obsessed with the musical Rent in high school.  I had it memorized.  A room in my wall was dedicated to it.  It was a major part of my life growing up.

- I am a night owl.  I am my most creative, outgoing and productive when everyone is sleeping.  I also think I am hilarious at this point.  The judges are still out on that one.

- I am most happy in a book store, library, classroom or in front of an open word document.  The written word is my obsession.  Whether reading it or creating it.

- I try to be funny.  I talk with my hands and I love telling stories.

- I was introduced to music fests and concerts with my parents at a young age.  It was mainly blues back then, but that love of music has stayed with me my whole life.  One of my favorite memories was my dad taking me into the city to see Joan Osborne.  I was probably twelve, and I was over the moon.  "What if God was one of us", remember?  

- I don't take sides.  I am not political or religious.  I have a Coexist bumper sticker on my car, and  I firmly believe that people need to put peace and tolerance above all else.  To each his own.

- I am a free spirit.

If you did a post like this, I'd love to see it!  Share in the comments.

Take care, friends!


Kate Sparkles said...

I've seen these posts popping out everywhere as well but I love every one of them!
I was way obsessed with Rent my first year of college. I think it was the only CD I played in my car for the entire year and I was sure that the answer to every problem I ever faced was hidden somewhere in it's lyrics..

B E C K Y said...

I have actually been working on one of these for a few days. So I guess check it out next week.

And I guess I really know you. I knew all of these tid-bits about ya except that your dad took you to see Joan Osborne... but I may have known this. It could have been part of a late night delirious conversation.

Shar Martinez said...

I may do one of these posts next week... they've been everywhere! Nice learning more about you! :)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo ♥ Shar

Baylee said...

I just did a little one of these posts yesterday!
My best friend was also obsessed with Rent.. She loves to sing the songs. Even now. She's 27. I have to listen. LOL
I love the coexist stickers! I feel the same way!!!!!

Sarah said...

Great post!! I wish I was a night owl, I am actually neither that nor a morning person, so it's quite a challenging way to live... lol. Have a great weekend!

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

I did one last week too, haha! Here's mine:
Also, I love Audrey, I love books, and I wish everyone would coexist (thought I don't have the sticker)
Good times!

Britt said...

I did one a while ago. Really enjoy reading others'!

I'm also a total night owl. Things just flow better for me at night. :]

Melissa said...

Oh this is such a fun post idea! I've always been a big fan of Rent as well, and when I went to NYC in 2008 I was lucky enough to see one of the last shows before they closed down the broadway musical!

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