Jun 4, 2012

Where I Blog

I've seen a few of these posts in the past and I have been meaning to do one for myself for quite some time.  You may have seen that this was once my sewing table and I had posted about my Inspiration Wall.  Well, I decided that the computer deserved the desk more-so than the sewing machine so now it looks like this...

This is where the list-making and book chat planning happens.  My kids like to climb up here, grab one of my colored pens and scribble on my clean, pretty lists.  I try not to lose my head.  

Every Sunday I write out the week's blog posts and TRY to follow it.
Also you can see that I stare at my Bonnaroo schedule pretty much all day.

 Behind me is the craft/sewing table.  The kids love climbing up here while I'm working and make me cards and paper flowers.  

And then of course, the reading chair.
It gets the perfect amount of light.  Sometimes, I'll peer behind me and see it and it gives me just enough motivation to put the blogs away so I can curl up and dive into a good book.

So that's my blog room as everyone affectionately calls it.  I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my special little space.

On a related note: I found it really sweet that my parents have already set me up with a little temporary space in their office for when I visit next month since I cannot take my desk top computer.  Can we say "biggest fans"?  I love it.



melissa said...

Your desk space is SO CUTE! It looks so homey and inspiring to write! I just have my actual bedroom and my desk is in here, but it doesn't look nearly as exciting as all the fun stuff you've got going on, ha :)

Megan C. Stroup said...

Great space! I love your blog schedule; what a great idea!

Baylee said...

Cool space! I want a blog space.
That is really sweet of your parents!

Katie Price said...

I am so jealous that you have an entire room devoted to blogging & your hobbies! I'm saving all my penny's so that I can get a big beautiful monitor likes yours one day. What an awesome set up you have! My current "desk" is laughable - it's a folding table shoved next to the fridge in our kitchen.. but that's what you get when you live in 700 sq. ft.!

Fran said...

Your desk space is SO cute!! Sometimes I wish I kept a blogging schedule but school takes over my life haha

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