Apr 1, 2012

Guilty Pleasure Playlist

As most of you know, I enjoy this paranormal romance series by J.R. Ward.
A little guilty pleasure we only get once a year!

Hey don't knock it till you tried it.  They really are a lot of fun.

Naturally, I have a playlist for my reading/listening pleasure.  And now I'm sharing it with you.

Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine
Dark Paradise - Lana del Rey
Terrible Love - The National
Skinny Love - Birdy
Demons - Sleigh Bells
Smoke and Mirrors - Gotye
And the Boys - Angus & Julia Stone
Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight

Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch

That's a sexy playlist. 
You're welcome.


Lucy The Valiant said...

Ooh! A paranormal romance series that I haven't read yet! Yay!

Mike and Kate said...

My guilty pleasure reading is british crime fiction. This summer I read all of Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie books in just a few weeks. In my defense, I was spending a lot of time on the couch nursing a new baby, so I needed a few good page-turners! :)

Erinn said...

I must listen to Goyte now. I have not heard them (him? her?) yet and apparently have no idea if it's a solo artist or a group! Angus and Julia Stone are some of my favorites. Solid playlist lady. Off to youtube Goyte now...

Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

Very nice!! I actually have to read in complete silence, but I do like to give books songs after the fact! Great playlist. :)

B E C K Y said...

Angus and Julia Stone = love

Olivia Grace said...

We are musical soulmates. Also, I have not read this series but am now very intrigued. I will have to check it out!!

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