Feb 5, 2012

Van Gogh never had this problem.

Whew!  This challenge was a doozy for me and let me tell you why...

The Paper Mama has issued a fun self-portrait challenge to bloggers. If you read the post behind the challenge, you know the inspiration for the contest was because of harsh critics and hurtful comments that bloggers receive about their looks.  Don't even get me started on this ridiculousness.  The idea here is to proudly post a self-portrait and show those critics that they can say what they want, but they hold no power.  I love this challenge.

My problem was I was being really hard on myself.  I was getting angry at my own face for not being perfect.  And even just thinking like this makes me choke up a bit.  How unfair I am being to myself!  I don't need harsh critics and mean comments...I can do that all by myself. 

I would look at the pictures and think "Who is this person?  Is that really what I look like?"
Do you ever get that feeling?  That the person on the outside doesn't quite match the person you feel like on the inside.

So more than anyone, I needed this challenge.  I had to prove my harshest criticizer wrong.

And I really did.  I had fun with it after I loosened up and stopped taking it so seriously.  My kids were there to make me laugh (or were they laughing at me?) and my husband was always glad to encourage me and remind me how crazy I was thinking. 

And now I understand, it's not about showing off how pretty you are.  It's about being proud of yourself and knowing that you wouldn't change anything, even if you could.  And since, we're supposed to share something about ourselves in this post, I think I've shared enough.  I grappled with whether or not I would post all of this and I decided that it's important to share the struggle sometimes.  It makes you appreciate the final product a little bit more.

How was this process for you?  Do you struggle with self-portraits?
I would love to hear your experience.
As always, you guys are the best.


Chrissy said...

I think you look absolutely gorgeous! But I totally understand and can relate...seeing pics of myself isn't always a good thing! xxx

Scarves and Styles said...

I think you look very pretty. :)

B E C K Y said...


Megan Stroup said...

I think this is a great picture! And what a neat challenge to help build self-confidence in the blogging world. Good for you! :)

allie said...

Great picture! But I totally know the feeling. Stop writing stuff that makes me mad that we weren't friends while you were living here. Seriously! :)

Lauren said...

I hear you! I am my own worst critic. I have a lot of trouble with self portraits because I just pick myself apart. Your portrait turned out great, you look really happy.

imlivinginadream said...

That is such a cute picture of you! I think people are SO critical of one another, and it's completely ridiculous to do that on someone else's blog. I'm a firm believe in not saying anything if it's not nice, honestly. But I love your self portrait- great post! :)

Sarah Dawneé said...

I really like your picture!
It looks real. (As in, you look like a real person with a lovely personality.)

I'm from over at the link-up party and chose to be real too. I didn't wear a dab of make-up today and chose to take my self portrait just the way I am.
It is so easy to let the thoughts of imperfection creep in (which I wrote a bit about), but in the end I want to keep choosing to embrace the beauty that there is in imperfection.

I'm so glad that you embraced the camera!


P.S. You have such an appealing to the eye blog design. It's lovely and not too busy.

bonbon said...

I love this post. I think many of us are often too hard on ourselves, so we can all relate. Sometimes I need to take a little break from blogging because I feel like it is so biased, so "I-only-show-how-awesome-I-am" sided... so I am grateful for this very heartfelt and honest post. Keep it up!

New follower :)

Torie said...

That's adorable. I always struggle with taking pictures of myself because I have some issues with self confidence as it is, let alone adding criticism from others. I have met so many great, supportive girls on the blogosphere that I find it hard to believe (and yet not hard at all) that such lovely bloggers are submitted to such awful comments. I did not do this link up, but perhaps I'll have to do something similar in the future. :)

TicoTina said...

I think most times we are our own worst critics. I stuggle with taking self portraits because i always feel like who am i to think that you want to look at me, but at the same time i do like seeing other people's pictures. It just feels weird...but i can't imagine what you have to not like about yourself!

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