Jan 22, 2012

Week 3 Instagram style {15:21}

Ok first, check out my pics and if you're still around after that, I'll talk type your ear off about my blah-mood-writers block this week...

Sunday...the husband and kids chose to be lazy at home...I took that as an opportunity to hit up the Antique mall solo-style.   it was fun.

Monday...they changed their lazy ways and we took a road trip to Destin..aka beautiful beach getaway, Florida.  Sand in my Chucks, fresh seafood, and an outdoor shopping extravaganza.  Need I say more. 

Tuesday...back to snores'ville. 


Wednesday...Took Jude to the mall for fun...which it was for the first hour until he expressed his hatred for the stroller and I was sure he was in need of an exorcism.  Those toddler tantrums are a bitch.

Thursday...More Alabama boredom.  Snap funny pics of the baby for entertainment.

Friday...Book club in the morning

Saturday...Went shopping around town with the boys.  Then met up with some girlfriends to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Which was Extremely sad and Incredibly awesome.  Go see it..  

So, anywho...as you can see, we had a perfectly fine week.  But man.  I'm just not feelin it lately.  Whatever IT is.  I know I have things to blog, things to sew, things to clean, people to talk to.  So, I don't want to whine too much about being bored because I have plenty to do...what I lack is the motivation.  Blech.  I promise I'll get out of this funk soon.
What do you guys do to get out of your FUNK?



Kristy said...

Girl, I'm up to my ears in bitchy toddler tantrums too! It's nuts.

Looks like ya'll had a great Monday! We hit up a beach this weekend and it was gorgeous. I no longer miss snow :)

I hope you get out of your funk soon. I usually submerge myself into a bubble bath, reading books and Pinterest browsing. Usually helps bring on some sort of motivation!

Becky said...

I know what you need to get out of the funk. ROAD TRIP!

Kristina said...

just do it - one tiny little bit at a time. i find the progress of knocking "to-do" items off the list motivating in itself...but start with something small...even just one day at a time if you have to...

Lucy The Valiant said...

Yay for solo antiquing! And I am dreading seeing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close almost as much as I'm looking forward to seeing it. If that makes any sense!

Mallory said...

If you figure out how to get out of your funk let me know because I'm in one deep.

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