Oct 25, 2011

Stop pinning & start DOING! {Floating book shelves}

Hello there friends.
 Show of hands...how many of you sit on Pinterest for an unreasonable spanse of time pinning little projects and say "oh I'm totally going to do that!"?

Ok...now how many of those have you done?

That's what I thought.

No worries...I'm the same exact way. So let's put some of that inspiration to good use!

My first pinterest project up to bat is this darling floating bookshelf. I immediately thought of how precious it would be in my craft room above the bookshelves. 

This links up to some dutch product you can buy.  I just felt like using the inspiration & took a stab at the project myself. If you're at all interested in how I completed this task, well here ya go...

I went to a local thrift store (big surprise there) and found a classic looking hard back book for $.50. Pick a book with a spine that appeals to you but one you don't plan on reading.  Keep in mind that you will be ruining the book and it will no longer be readable.

Note to bibliophiles: take a deep breath. If I can do it, you can too.

You'll also need:
  • drill
  • L-brackets. Found at your local hardware store. I just asked an employee. Practically had to play charades to explain what I wanted, but he finally found it for me.
  • 8 screws. 4 should be short enough that they will not go all the way through the book.  Anchors may also be necessary depending on what you're drilling into & whether or not you would like it to be sturdy.  
  • Level & pencil.

 Align brackets on book.

Screw those puppies in.
May I suggest that you get a clamp from the hardware store & clamp the book shut real tight before screwing.  My book got a little warped because things moved around a bit too much.

Level it up there on the wall.

Again. Screw those puppies in.  
If you need to use anchors to make it sturdy, trust me when I say you don't want me telling you how to do that.  Find a handier person to show you the CORRECT way to do that.  My way involves mistake holes and/or pure luck.

Put some books on there or some artwork to hide the brackets.

Next up: Craft room Inspiration Board

Alright...now step away from the computer & go tackle a project! Don't forget to come back & share!


JenBlue said...

That's amazing! You are so crafty. Can I hire you to decorate my house?

Becky said...

Looks fantastic! btw, I'm a doer! I try what I find :) but this can thing isn't working out so well for me.

Amanda said...

Ha this post came at the perfect time. I just recently got into Pinterest and now I'm obsessed, like everyone else! Those floating bookshelves are adorable.

Monica said...

hi there!

it's really quite simple. came out great.

i had a pinboard project ide waiting and waiting, finally i just stuck things to the wall. a total cop-out but i got something done and am happy with it. lol

KSK said...

Those look great!!! I'm starting to be a pinhead. I need to quit and tackle some things myself! :)

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